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What if people actually do the best they can?

This morning's walk with Brené Brown's podcast sparked a surprising revelation about how we view others' efforts. Discovering the liberating power of believing that everyone is doing their best has profoundly changed my perspective.
Do you believe that people, in general, do the best they can? 🤔
I went for a walk this morning.
I like to listen to a podcast while marching, and today I felt I wanted something inspirational and motivational. After a quick search on Spotify, I decided to go for Brené Brown’s podcast and the episode on Living BIG. I was expecting some wisdom on how to live up to your potential or how to live on your terms and get the life you want.
Instead, Brené read a chapter from her book ‘Rising Strong’. The essence of the story was the question she asked: “Do you believe that people, in general, do the best they can?”
At first, when she was raving about how people can always do better, I was with her in my thinking. But as she unfolded more and more stories which included people’s answers to this question, I stumbled upon a reflection: ‘What if people actually do the best they can?’
I started to think about my mum. Given that she’s old, lonely, and depressed, she is doing her best.
My sister, who has our dad under her roof, looking after him 24/7 while working full-time and raising a teenage boy, she’s doing the best she can.
My brother, who is the main breadwinner in his family with two teenage daughters, one of whom has serious issues, he is doing the best he can.
My partner, who works hard, cares about the people around him, and sometimes finds it difficult to express some of his feelings and share his problems, he is doing his best.
I suddenly felt a bit ashamed of myself for judging people and expecting them to do better. I was looking at them from my perspective, not considering the circumstances they are in. I would impose my standards on them or think that I would do it differently if I were them. But would I?
When I decide to accept and understand that people do the best they can, I free myself from any judgment. I also give space for people to be their best selves and, additionally, there’s more room for compassion and an open heart.
This thought also allowed me to let go of judgment towards myself. I always do my best. At work, in my relationship, or when I’m back in Poland staying at my sister’s to look after my dad.
I have two friends who I love being around and with whom I feel I can be completely myself. They are both extroverts, and when I am with them my introverted energy is positively lifted.
They both have something else in common.
They believe people always do the best they can. And it shows.
For a very long time, I didn’t understand their approach, but today I got enlightened.
And it’s freeing because not only can I have more compassion towards my closest ones, but I can also let go of the judgment and resentment that were ruining my relationships.
A life filled with love feels so much more fulfilling.
It will be a good week ❤

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