My Heartfelt Impact Foundations Program has been designed to help ambitious solopreneurs like you overcome marketing challenges so that you can transform lives and elevate your business purpose. You will learn step-by-step how to create an effective marketing strategy that is aligned with your personality and attracts dream clients.

Ready to thrive as an introverted solopreneur?

Connect with your ideal clients and grow your business without overwhelm!

My Heartfelt Impact Foundations Program has been designed to help ambitious solopreneurs like you
overcome marketing challenges so that you can focus on transforming lives and elevate your business purpose.
You will learn step-by-step how to create an effective marketing strategy that is aligned with your personality and attracts dream clients.

Let me take you on a journey...

an Overwhelmed Procrastinator

You are caught in the chaos of actions that seem productive but leave you frustrated and depleted by the week's end. You find yourself easily swayed by the allure of new online trends, leading to distractions that only exacerbate the lack of progress in your business. Without a solid marketing plan, your efforts lack direction, and the absence of tangible results leaves you demotivated.

To an Inspired
Action Taker

You have a clear set of goals so you can focus your efforts solely on strategies that bring results and are aligned with your vision. No longer overwhelmed, you recognise the impact your business is making, and each day becomes a step forward on the path to success.


The Heartfelt Impact Foundations

A 1-1 Marketing Coaching Program for Ambitious Introverted Solopreneurs

who want to build & grow a successful online business with clarity, purpose and direction.

Together we will clarify your unique message and create a marketing plan that feels right and is aligned with your personality so you can attract like-minded clients and generate consistent income that gives you the freedom you've been always striving for.

Let's talk about you:

it can get lonely - Marketing Coaching for Women Solopreneurs

You have everything it takes and...

You know you are here to make a real impact

Magda Gradova - Marketing Coach & Website Designer - My Story is my why

My Heartfelt Impact Foundations Marketing Coaching Program is for you if:

The Heartfelt Impact Foundations Roadmap

Grow your Business with
Clarity, Purpose and Direction

We will establish a strong foundation for consistently and effectively attracting your ideal clients.

1-hour Marketing Strategy Sessions over Zoom
Days of personalised support
0 +
Free Access to Tutorials Library


Gain Clarity about

Your Niche, Target Audience and Ideal Clients

Uncover your niche by delving into your clients’ world, empathising with their challenges, and pinpointing their needs. We will identify your ideal client, fostering a profound understanding of your audience to tailor your unique message and align it seamlessly with your offerings. 

Rather than addressing a broad audience that might have a vague need for your services, we’ll narrow down your focus to speak directly to an individual with a precise problem that your offer adeptly solves. 

This targeted approach enhances the effectiveness of your communication, fostering a stronger connection with those who genuinely benefit from what you provide.


Gain Clarity about

Your Irresistible Offer & Pricing

Define your offer in a way that captivates and compels your clients. 

I will help you create a 1-1 program that provides value for your ideal client and consistent income for your business. 

Instead of juggling multiple offerings for diverse client types, we’ll craft a singular, impactful signature program. 

This focused approach ensures that your offering is finely tuned to attract and engage your ideal clients with precision and authenticity.


Gain Clarity about

Your Marketing Strategy & Visibility Plan

We will meticulously craft your marketing strategy, carefully selecting platforms and channels that align best with your unique strengths and business goals.

This strategic approach not only enhances your visibility but also ensures consistency, preventing the dilution of your efforts across platforms that do not optimise your business impact.

Rather than navigating the complexities of multiple platforms and creating a myriad of content, you will have a streamlined and easy-to-follow visibility plan. 

This plan is designed to be enjoyable, allowing you to effortlessly promote yourself and deliver value to your ideal clients. 

By simplifying your approach, we aim to make your marketing efforts both effective and enjoyable, enabling you to focus on what truly matters for your business growth.

How would it feel to:

  • Imagine a profound shift in your solopreneur journey, where every step forward is guided by a newfound CLARITY that illuminates your path. 
  • Envision having a deep understanding of your messaging, a crystal-clear vision of your ideal client, and a precise roadmap to reach them effortlessly.
  • Picture yourself stepping into each day with a profound sense of PURPOSE, seamlessly connecting with the heart of your business by sharing your transformative story. 
  • Feel the resonance of that authentic connection as it reverberates through every interaction, creating a powerful bond between you and your audience.
  • Visualise the liberation that comes with having a clear sense of DIRECTION, armed with a meticulously crafted Visibility Plan.
  • Imagine the confidence that accompanies knowing exactly what steps to take, where to focus your efforts, and how to serve your purpose with unwavering precision.
  • Sense the empowerment that comes from taking decisive ACTION towards your goals. 
  • Feel the inspiration coursing through your veins, propelling you forward with ease and confidence. 
  • Picture the satisfaction of witnessing your efforts translate into tangible results, as your business flourishes and grows in alignment with your deepest aspirations.

As a recovering perfectionist, I know how difficult it is to stick to a plan and finish what we have started especially if it’s not bringing instant results!

What helps is having an easy-to-follow plan of action you can stick to and a partner who will have your back when things feel a little out of hand.

Marketing Coaching for Women Solopreneurs

Imagine working with someone who will share your mission and support your vision!

  • I am here to help you gain clarity so you know what to do next without overwhelming yourself with never-ending to-do lists.
  • I will be your business buddy who will hold you accountable.
  • I will guide you on how to identify and stay focused on activities that are the needle movers in your business.
  • I will be your strategic business partner you’ve been always looking for!

The best part?

We will be using only the marketing strategies that feel right FOR YOU! You will enjoy the process of creating and fall back in love with your business! Because, after all, your business should be bringing you joy, not causing stress!

Limited Time Offer: £995 £1950

I'm Magda Gradova

A Marketing Coach with over 15 years of expertise in the field, and since 2019 I’ve been dedicated to guiding solopreneurs through their marketing challenges and fostering clarity in their businesses.

Reflecting on my transition from a full-time marketing manager to a self-employed marketing expert, I vividly recall the overwhelming confusion about where to begin and how to secure my first paying clients. Navigating through this, I discovered a path aligned with my introverted personality and now, I share this wisdom with my clients: focus on strategies that feel right for you.

I work predominantly with coaches and consultants whose passion lies in transforming lives. Each time I hear their compelling stories of why they embarked on their solopreneurial journey, I’m fueled with inspiration. My mission is clear—to assist them on the business side of things, allowing them to dedicate their energy entirely to creating a ripple effect through life-changing coaching programs.

Are you ready to make a real impact?

Clients Results:

Lema Wiffen - Transformation Coach & EFT Practitioner

"I can now take action to move my business forward."

I highly recommend Magda for personalised and tailored support in all things marketing. She is an excellent and extremely consultative professional who takes the time to understand your business and individual personality.

I truly respect her direct and honest approach, and her accountability ensures that I get way more done than I would if I was left to my own devices.

Her dedication to helping clients succeed is evident in how she goes above and beyond to provide support.

As someone who is not very tech-savvy, I always look forward to our sessions and appreciate having her to talk through my ideas with. I know that she will ask me the right questions to help me gain clarity, so that I can take action to move my business forward.

Galina Singer Testimonial

Galina Singer - Writer & Coach

"A quantum leap for my new business!"

Working with Magda became a quantum leap for my new business. Our goals were to bring my various social media channels up to date and on brand, launch a newsletter, and support me in creating my first online course. Magda is creative in her ideas and execution, knowledgeable of the various tools in her field, and very well-organised. She is also flexible and dedicated. I highly recommend Magda for beginning entrepreneurs like me.

Rosie Kay - From a Hobby Blogger to a Fully Booked Coach - Case Story

Rosie Kay - Relationship Coach

"I have gone from a 'hobby' blogger to a coach!"

I worked with Magda in 2022, and from day one she has been invaluable to me. Her support, her knowledge and her dedication have meant that I have gone from a ‘hobby’ blogger to a coach, with a clear set of goals and intentions. Finding a person who shared my vision was really hard, but as soon as I met Magda, I knew I wanted to work with her. Yes, she will make you work hard, but she’s there to support you every step of the way. Magda is an asset to any business, and she is well worth investing in.

Say goodbye to confusion and overwhelm and
hello to a focused and inspired business journey!

What's in it for you?

3 Main Benefits of working with me:

I help Overwhelmed Solopreneurs bring clarity to their ideas


Knowing what to do and how to do it will help you stop procrastinating, and you will feel less overwhelmed, becoming more excited about your business.


You will feel more confident about your business, not only because you know and understand your audience better but also because you will be connected to your purpose, seeing the greater value of the services you provide.


You will feel less isolated in your business. You will have someone who not only supports you on your mission and guides you with your marketing strategy but also is here to listen, give the advice you need, and celebrate your wins along the way.

Don't take my word for it!

What others have to say

Gained a lot of clarity

“Magda helped me gain a lot of clarity about the direction I wanted to take in my business and career.”


Great starting point for my business!

“Magda provided some insightful feedback on my business. Her initial ideas gave me a great starting point from which to further develop my business and take it to the next level.”


Clarity and focus

“Magda gets to the heart of your why and where you want to go with your business, creating clarity and focus, discovering who your client really is and how to reach them.”
~ Liz

Complex issue simplified!

“Magda knows when to listen and when to push forward an idea, but perhaps her biggest skill is the ability to simplify complex issues and present a solution or strategy where you will reflect “why didn’t I think of that!?”.”

~ Ross

Clear about my business direction

“Magda is amazing! I feel so much better about my business direction. She listened and I felt heard. Exactly what I have been looking for!”


Gained so much clarity!

“I gained so much clarity during our call, it helped me to take a step back and see the bigger picture, and how clients see my brand rather than how I was hoping they’d see it!”

~ Caroline

Let's get started!

Ready to thrive as an introverted solopreneur and make a real impact?

Book your free 30-minute Clarity Session and let’s take it from there!