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How building relationships and embracing authenticity pays off

Today, as I reflect on the journey from empty portfolios to ideal clients, I am reminded of the profound truth that success in solopreneurship is not just about the projects we undertake, but the relationships we nurture and the authenticity we embody. It's about celebrating each milestone – no matter how small – and finding fulfilment in the knowledge that our journey is uniquely ours, guided by the principles of integrity, passion, and meaning.
From Empty Portfolios to Ideal Clients: How Building Relationships and Embracing Authenticity Pays Off

Last week, someone in the local networking group posted that they are looking for a website designer specialising in WordPress.

I didn’t see that post until I received notifications that my name was mentioned in the comments. I was pleasantly surprised that several of my clients recommended me as the go-to person for building websites.

I quickly responded to the post, sharing a link to my portfolio and encouraging this person to contact me if she would like to work with me.

A few days later, I sent my first invoice, which was paid immediately, and we will be working on her website together.

Now, my old self—the small, insecure, and highly anxious version of me—would think that this came too easy and find reasons to start worrying, letting the imposter syndrome take over the glory. But the new me – the confident, grounded, and more appreciative version of myself – is proud and happy. It’s very likely that I’m in my good hormonal week, so the panic mode might have a delayed reaction. <haha>

There are two things I was thinking about in relation to this situation.

1. The importance of choosing your clients wisely.

When I went self-employed, I didn’t know much about getting clients or working with them. Having a boss, an employer, is completely different from a business-to-business model when you are the face of your one-person company. So, at the beginning, I would take on anyone who wanted my services. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy when my portfolio was empty. I took every client opportunity as a blessing and often worked for free to collect testimonials and expand my network. In my desperation to earn my first money as a self-employed individual, I didn’t think much about aligning with my clients. As a result, I ended up with a couple of clients with whom I eventually had to end our collaboration due to lack of compatibility. That’s when I learned that the wrong client will cause you stress, make you doubt your abilities, and eventually take the joy out of your business. I’m glad that despite the risk, I decided to part ways.

** This point is one of my recommended strategies to prevent burnout in your business. If you would like to learn more, read this article.**

2. The results of your work might not come immediately,

but consistency and high-quality work will eventually pay off.

I spend a lot of time learning how to design a website that not only looks professional and reflects the client’s brand but also is integrated with the overall marketing strategy. Each website I build for my clients is crafted with care and a deep understanding of their business needs. These skills translate into a product my clients are satisfied with and, therefore, happy to recommend my services to others. I also take the time to build meaningful relationships with people, not only with my clients but also by attending networking events in the area so that my name pops up when someone is looking for a website designer or marketing consultant. This is integrated with point 1 because by choosing your clients wisely, they eventually become your business ambassadors and will mention you even when you are not around.

Having realised the above, I pat myself on the back and feel proud that I am now reaping the rewards of putting myself out there and increasing my visibility. All the networking meetings, client work, and social media posts are paying off this year. My ideal clients are finding me. And the main change I made sometime last year was to be myself. I let go of any expectations, stopped chasing dreams that are not mine, and stopped listening to advice that is not designed for me. I finally aligned my business model with my personality and lifestyle so everything is falling into place.

So, with my head held high, I am celebrating another win with this client.🥳


If you feel like you are running in circles in your business and not seeing any progress, do get in touch. I can help you gain clarity and teach you how to reach your ideal clients without feeling pushy and overwhelmed.

Magda Gradova | Marketing Coach for Introverted Solopreneurs | Website Designer | Writer

Magda Gradova | Marketing Coach for Introverted Solopreneurs | Website Designer | Writer

Multi-passionate Introvert (ISFP), recovering perfectionist and overthinker. Brave but fearful, a dreamer but doer, cat lover but dog tolerant. Magda believes in marketing that is simple and aligned with your unique personality. Contact her if you are looking for a partner who shares your mission, supports your vision and will hold you accountable for achieving your goals.

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