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Deep inside you know what to do...

Hey! I'm Magda, Marketing Coach and A Heart-Led Entrepreneur.

I believe that when you act from the heart, you are motivated by the passion from within. You follow your instincts and you are naturally attracted to the opportunities that serve your purpose.

Sometimes though, your highly creative mind gets in your way. 

You start to overthink, you are distracted by shiny objects and before you know it you take fear-based actions that drain your energy and leave you with the question: what’s the point anyway?

Every time that happens, you need to reconnect with your purpose and bring your focus back on your core values.

But to know your purpose, you need to tell your story first.

My Core Values


When you are inspired by a great purpose, everything will begin to work for you. Inspiration is an important part of the fulfilment of the intention to live a life on purpose.
~Wayne W.Dyer


Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.
~ Mandy Hale


Integrity gives you real freedom because you have nothing to fear since you have nothing to hide.
~ Zig Ziglar


With courage, you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate and the wisdom to be humble. Courage is the foundation of INTEGRITY.
~ Keshavan Nair

My Story

I've been always striving for freedom.
Freedom of choice, freedom of expression and inner peace which, for me, is the ultimate freedom.

I’ve been working in marketing for almost 15 years. In every job I took, having purpose was extremely important to me. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to provide high-quality work if I didn’t believe in the company’s culture, mission and vision.

The biggest leap in my career I took was when I decided to quit my full-time job and step into the unknown journey of entrepreneurship for the pursuit of more freedom.

I follow my calling every time it’s stronger than the fearful thoughts from my scared ego.
  • That is how in 2013 I gave notice in a well-paid job and moved from Poland to the UK embarking on a major change in my life.
  • That is how I left a comfortable but unfulfilling relationship to finally stand on my own feet and go through deep self-discovery in 2016.
  • That is how in 2018 I went self-employed knowing nothing about running my own business.
  • That is how I took a “Public Speaking Challenge” in 2019 to share my story in front of 100 people while still recovering from a bad breakup.
  • That is how I make tough decisions in my business. And in life.
I follow my heart.

Hardly ever it let me down but it definitely guided me to go into places where I learnt something, grew from the experience and became stronger.

Perfectionism will keep you stuck

As a recovering perfectionist, I know how difficult it is to stick to a plan and finish what we have started. 

We get buried under our own ideas, covered with self-doubt and sprinkled with overwhelming possibilities the internet can offer. 

We easily fall through when things get too complicated or are not bringing instant results. 

Bombarded with advice from everywhere on how to run our businesses, we feel the anxiety of choice and action and start procrastinating or go back to self-destructive habits.

My journey

Embracing imperfection &
experimenting with good enough

It wasn’t until I started my own business that I realised I have perfectionistic tendencies. Sure, it’s great to set the bar high, but throwing yourself 100% into everything you do, is unsustainable in the long run. 

My limited self-beliefs kept me stuck and unmotivated, causing many burnouts, not mentioning the brilliant ideas and projects I started but never finished…

I then realised that it wasn’t just me.

It felt sad and frustrating that so many of us don’t show our abilities to the world. We hide, we stay small, we choose safety. Amazing and wonderful people keep their ideas to themselves convinced that they are not good enough. We compare ourselves with those who are mid-way through the process and get overwhelmed with the number of things we ‘should’ or ‘must’ do.

I started exploring ways how I can make progress in my business and keep the monkey mind busy with finding the solutions instead of generating anxious thoughts.

It took me a while to learn that the remedy to this problem was having an easy-to-follow plan of action I can stick to and a marketing strategy that would help me achieve my goals.

MY MISSION is to Empower Ambitious Entrepreneurs with Perfectionistic Tendencies
to finish what they started, enjoy the process of creating and confidently follow through with their dreams.

To find the Clarity
Start with WHY

Your purpose is in your story
and this is where you find the clarity.

Today, I want to inspire you to connect with your purpose which will give you the most clarity of all…

Because without a sense of purpose, a marketing strategy is just a tool and posting on social media is an energy-draining chore.

Without purpose, a business is just another way to make money. But if your heart is not there, how can you make money?

As a Heart-Centred Entrepreneur, you will find that your sense of purpose is in your story and in your calling that drives you towards your dreams, your vision. And it is completely yours.

My purpose is to inspire you to keep asking yourself a question: WHY?

WHY did I start this business? WHY is it important to me? And from there we move to asking: How my business can help other people improve their lives? How MY STORY can inspire others? And that’s the sense of purpose you are connecting to in your business. That is the driving force in everything you do and you will be going back to it every time doubtful thoughts and fearful actions want to take over.

Your story gives you the foundation but also the direction for your business. 

With a sense of purpose in your business, you will be motivated, inspired and creative.

You will find joy in doing things that are in line with your values and tasks like posting on social media or coming up with an idea for another newsletter to your subscribers will come easy because you will always reconnect with your story that holds the sense of purpose.

And I am here to help you find direction in your heart-led business journey.

Work with me

The joy of growing your business is in
taking tiny steps & big leaps

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