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7 years later I am finally ready to make the move

In the midst of setbacks and reflections, a day unfolds with moments of empowerment and clarity, leading to the reaffirmation of a long-held dream and a newfound sense of readiness and purpose...

A Good Day Despite Challenges

Today was a good day.

Despite the fact that my laptop got flooded with water in my bag, I cut my new favourite dress too short because it was too long, and I didn’t lose any weight last week as the scale informed me this morning, I feel fulfilled.

An early start to the day empowered me to consider myself lucky. During my morning walk, I listened to a podcast that inspired me to write a short article and share it with my Facebook audience. I received positive feedback, which made me feel accomplished with my plan of becoming a regular writer, storyteller, and thought provoker.

After ticking off a couple of the most important tasks on my list, I headed off to meet one of my clients. In the past, I would take an almost two-hour journey by train. Now, I value my time and respect my comfort enough to order an Uber and reach the destination in about an hour. This decision feels very empowering. I do not have a car, although I have a driving licence, so I figured that ordering a taxi, the cost of which I can put as a business expense, is a reasonable amount of luxury I can afford. Sadly, I cannot read or write during a car journey because it makes me feel dizzy and sick. Usually, I would listen to music or a podcast; this time, I decided to call my mum.

Releasing Resentments and Finding Peace

The realisation I got from the podcast I listened to earlier that morning, and the article I wrote with my thoughts on the subject, helped me to let go of the resentment I was holding against my mum for the past few months and just pick up the phone. My mum is doing the best she can, and so am I.

We didn’t chat for long, but I was very conscious of my thought process. I would catch any judgemental thoughts and bite my tongue before I said what she should be doing. I simply listened and accepted her for who she was, reminding myself, “my mum is doing the best she can”. It felt freeing. I stayed true to myself and continued my day after hanging up, like I would after chatting to a friend.

I arrived at my destination and as I was walking towards the building where we were meant to meet with my client, I noticed my reflection in the glass door. At first, my inner bully said I look big in this dress. Quickly enough, I took another glance and smiled, thinking this flowery dress suits me and I look amazing.

The aha! moment

I sat at my usual corner and waited for my client to join me. She’s a café owner, so I’m always offered a coffee. I remember the days when I was working behind the counter and the owner was having a meeting with their consultant or some other person helping with the business, and I always wanted to be sitting at this CEO table one day. And there I was, after all these years of gaining experience and making connections, I found my way to be one of the decision-makers or at least advisors whose opinion matters. Although my work still involves hands-on support, something happened today that with clarity I saw my new three-year plan.

I love analysing situations, gathering information, and then presenting solutions to move things forward. For this reason, with even more confidence than a few months back, I realised I want to be a consultant and I will be great at it.

I have the ability to step back and view the situation from a different perspective and see the bigger picture. I read people and sense the energy between them. I can notice the dynamic within the team and spot the tension.

I love transforming chaos into order and streamlining processes to make everyone work smart, not hard. I’m also not afraid to be straightforward while coaching others on how to manage certain situations better or improve communication to achieve the desired outcome. I’m a good listener and, with empathy, I can understand where someone’s behaviour is coming from.

I don’t need further convincing that I would make a great consultant.

Circling back

It feels like I am circling back to where it all started in my business.

When I quit my full-time marketing job in 2018, I wanted to be a consultant for small businesses. I already possessed all the abilities listed above, yet I was lacking confidence. It was the main reason why for years I was acting like a lost child. I had all the books I needed to read, one in particular: “An Insider’s Guide to Building a Successful Consulting Practice“. I bought it on 1st June 2017. Last year, I got rid of it, and today it seems like it’s coming back to me. Seven years later, I feel ready. I feel confident enough. The clarity has come to me.

And it feels exciting.

I was juggling so many different things for the past three years, which at some point led me to a massive burnout when I almost quit it all. I started to think that maybe I should get a ‘normal’ job. Instead, I followed my instincts and decided to remind myself where it all really started – as a waitress in one of London’s cafés when I moved to the UK in 2013. Starting from scratch, I wasn’t a graduated marketing expert with a few years of experience under her belt. I was in the hospitality business, serving coffee and making sure customers were having a good time.

When our higher self comes to the surface

Fast forward, and I am a marketing manager for a café owner thinking of taking another step and finally making the dream a reality. Life takes its loops, doesn’t it? Sometimes there’s an idea, but the desire is not yet strong enough, or indeed we don’t feel quite ready. I don’t quite agree with internet gurus telling us that we will never be ready, we just have to take action. Unless they mean taking any action, even a chaotic one, because eventually, we will land where we were meant to be. And I am meant for more. I always knew that. And I am okay with taking the time. I love the journey I made, and I love the feeling I have now of being ready and clear.

It’s pretty amazing how within one day we can gain the insights necessary to see our future more clearly. When we see and know what to do without doubts. When our higher self comes to the surface and guides us in the right direction. When the idea we had a few years ago is still there, shining strongly, and we are ready to make the move. To reach out and make the dream happen. In our way and at our own pace.

This feels so empowering. This is pure bliss.

More to come.

A strong mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.” ~ Patricia Neal

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