Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant

Small Business Marketing Consultant

Hello, I'm Magda! Your Marketing Partner

I help Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners overwhelmed with Online Marketing

Your overwhelm and frustration ends here. Together we will streamline your marketing strategy and optimise your online presence so you stop spreading yourself thin
and grow a fulfilling business with clarity, purpose and direction!
Magda Gradova - Marketing Consultant for Small Businesses

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5 Questions that will help you gain clarity in your business immediately.

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5 Questions that will help you gain clarity in your business immediately.

online marketing overwhelm can be real...

Are you spreading yourself thin across multiple online platforms?

You were probably once told that you should be everywhere to be noticed online. And so you juggle between Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, creating reels, designing graphics in Canva, recording videos, and editing captions with algorithm-friendly hashtags while writing a newsletter once a week, and tweaking your website content, adding keywords that are good for SEO and coming up with headlines that will catch someone’s attention.

It can be exhausting, right?

As a small business owner, you got used to the idea that you have to wear many hats in your business,
but who said online marketing needs to be so overwhelming?

Marketing Consultant & Coach

Meet Magda: Your Marketing Partner

Magda Gradova - Marketing Consultant for Small Businesses

Small Business Marketing Consultant

Throughout my experience, I have observed that many small business owners and creative entrepreneurs tend to be too involved in their businesses to see the bigger picture and how their brand is perceived. They wish to have an outside perspective to identify areas in which they can make changes for the most significant impact on their businesses.

Now, imagine working with someone who shares your mission and supports your vision.

As Your Marketing Partner, I will help you optimise your online presence and streamline your marketing strategy.

Together we will uncover opportunities that will elevate your business and give you peace of mind and confidence that you are in good hands!

"Magda gets to the heart of your why and where you want to go with your business, creating clarity and focus, discovering who your client really is and how to reach them."
~ Liz Chaney

How I can Help you

Grow your Business with
Clarity, Purpose and Direction

Clarity Session

Consulting for Entrepreneurs

People may hear about you through word of mouth or business cards you gave them but they will still go on your website to learn more about you and your offerings.

During the 90-minute Website Clarity Session, we will go through your website optimising its structure,  checking your SEO and making changes to improve the customer journey.

1-1 Brainstorming Session for Small Business Owners and Women Solopreneurs


Coaching for Solopreneurs

I designed an Online Marketing Clarity Program to help multi-passionate entrepreneurs overcome marketing challenges and scale their businesses.

Within 4 weeks you will gain clarity about your business direction by learning who your client is, where to find them and how to approach them with your irresistible offer.

Marketing Management for Small Businesses

Consulting for Small Businesses

A hands-on support for small businesses that provides owners with peace of mind and confidence in the smooth management of their marketing strategy. With my personalised and comprehensive approach, your online marketing operations will experience significant improvement.

My mission

I believe that people buy from people is still true. I want to support relationship-oriented small businesses that prioritize human connection and want to make a positive impact within their local communities.

Why working with me?

3 Main Benefits of partnering with me:

Magda Gradova - Marketing Consultant for small businesses


Knowing what to do and how to do it will help you stop procrastinating, you will feel less overwhelmed and be more excited about your business.


Gaining a deeper understanding of your audience and connecting with your core values will boost your confidence and help you recognise the true worth of your services.


You will feel less isolated in your business. You will have someone who not only supports you on your mission and guides you with your marketing strategy, but also is here to listen, give valuable advice and celebrate your wins along the way.


What my clients say about working with me

It’s working!

“Magda is excellent. She understood what I wanted and translated it into a clear and workable document for me to implement. Not only did she help improve my online marketing but her list of recommendations is working!”


A quantum leap for my new business!

“Working with Magda became a quantum leap for my new business. Our goals were to bring my various social media channels up to date and on brand, launch a newsletter, and support me in creating my first online course. Magda is creative in her ideas and execution, knowledgeable of the various tools in her field. I highly recommend Magda for beginning entrepreneurs like me.”


Gained so much clarity!

“I gained so much clarity during our call, it helped me to take a step back and see the bigger picture, and how clients see my brand rather than how I was hoping they’d see it!”

~ Caroline

Complex issue simplified!

“Magda knows when to listen and when to push forward an idea, but perhaps her biggest skill is the ability to simplify complex issues and present a solution or strategy where you will reflect “why didn’t I think of that!?”.”

~ Ross

Clear about my business direction

“Magda is amazing! I feel so much better about my business direction. She listened and I felt heard. Exactly what I have been looking for!”


I was able to focus on progressing my business!

“Working with Magda has allowed me to free up so much time, that I was able to focus on progressing my business rather than just managing it. She quickly understood the essence of my work and helped me to focus on activities that will further my business effectively.”


Clearly set goals and intensions

“Magda’s support, knowledge and  dedication have meant that I have gone from a ‘hobby’ blogger to a coach, with clearly set goals and intentions.”


Gained a lot of clarity

“Magda helped me gain a lot of clarity about the direction I wanted to take in my business and career.”


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