Marketing Coach for Solopreneurs

Small Business Marketing Consultant

Hello! I'm Magda, Marketing Coach for Solopreneurs

I help Ambitious Solopreneurs Overwhelmed with Online Marketing find CLARITY.

I believe in marketing that is easy and straightforward just like having a conversation with a close friend. Together we will streamline your marketing strategy so you build authentic connections with your audience and grow a fulfilling business with clarity, purpose and direction!
Digital Strategy Blueprint for Beginner Solopreneurs

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Digital Strategy Blueprint for Beginner Solopreneurs

With this blueprint in hand, you’ll have the guidance you need to present yourself online with the kind of clarity and confidence that spells success.

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Digital Strategy Blueprint for Beginner Solopreneurs

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Digital Strategy Blueprint for Beginner Solopreneurs

online marketing overwhelm can be real...

Are you spreading yourself thin across multiple online platforms?

You were probably once told that you should be everywhere to be noticed online. And so you juggle between Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, creating reels, designing graphics in Canva, recording videos, and editing captions with algorithm-friendly hashtags while writing a newsletter once a week, and tweaking your website content, adding keywords that are good for SEO and coming up with headlines that will catch someone’s attention.

It can be exhausting, right?

As Ambitious Solopreneurs, we get used to the idea of wearing many hats in our businesses,
but who said online marketing needs to be so overwhelming?

I'm Magda, Your Marketing Coach.

I will help you find clients without social media overwhelm!

Magda Gradova - Marketing Coaching for Online Coaches, Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

Small Business Marketing Consultant

Hello Freedom Seeker!

I imagine that just like me, you started your business striving for more freedom to manage your time in line with your energy, plans and opportunities as they come.

Sometimes though, working for yourself can get lonely, overwhelming and frustrating. As a multi-passionate, creative and ambitious solopreneur, you have plenty of ideas but at times you struggle with taking action on them or you start projects but leave them unfinished.

Now, imagine working with someone who shares your mission and supports your vision.

As Your Marketing Coach and Accountability Buddy, I will help clarify your unique brand message and create a marketing strategy that is aligned with your core values. Together we will streamline your offerings so marketing becomes easy and straightforward, and promoting yourself online comes as naturally as having a conversation with a close friend.

My mission

I believe in marketing that is easy and straightforward just like having a conversation with a close friend.

MY MISSION is to Empower Ambitious Entrepreneurs with Perfectionistic Tendencies to finish what they started, enjoy the process of creating and confidently follow through with their dreams.

I'm here to help you build authentic connections with your audience, so you can promote your business with the same naturalness and ease as if you were sharing your passions with someone you trust.

"Magda gets to the heart of your why and where you want to go with your business, creating clarity and focus, discovering who your client really is and how to reach them."
~ Liz Chaney

How I can Help you

Grow your Business with
Clarity, Purpose and Direction

Find Clients without Social media Overwhelm!

1-1 Marketing Coaching
for Solopreneurs

Freedom Seekers. Introverts. Marketing Coaching Program for Ambitious Women Solopreneurs.
Are you struggling to stand out in a noisy online world?

My Online Marketing Coaching Program is designed to help Ambitious, Introverted Solopreneurs (like you!) overcome marketing challenges and scale their businesses.

Gain clarity about your business direction by learning who your client is, where to find them and how to approach them with your irresistible offer.

We will be using tried and tested marketing strategies so your introverted strength becomes your secret weapon for standing out, authentically, and in alignment with your purpose.

“Magda’s support, knowledge and  dedication have meant that I have gone from a ‘hobby’ blogger to a coach, with clearly set goals and intentions.” ~Rosie


What my clients say about working with me

It’s working!

“Magda is excellent. She understood what I wanted and translated it into a clear and workable document for me to implement. Not only did she help improve my online marketing but her list of recommendations is working!”


A quantum leap for my new business!

“Working with Magda became a quantum leap for my new business. Our goals were to bring my various social media channels up to date and on brand, launch a newsletter, and support me in creating my first online course. Magda is creative in her ideas and execution, knowledgeable of the various tools in her field. I highly recommend Magda for beginning entrepreneurs like me.”


Gained so much clarity!

“I gained so much clarity during our call, it helped me to take a step back and see the bigger picture, and how clients see my brand rather than how I was hoping they’d see it!”

~ Caroline

Complex issue simplified!

“Magda knows when to listen and when to push forward an idea, but perhaps her biggest skill is the ability to simplify complex issues and present a solution or strategy where you will reflect “why didn’t I think of that!?”.”

~ Ross

Clear about my business direction

“Magda is amazing! I feel so much better about my business direction. She listened and I felt heard. Exactly what I have been looking for!”


No-nonsense invaluable advice towards building your client base.

Magda clearly and concisely walks you through your website to make the crucial tweaks needed to help your visitors engage with your business you have probably overlooked. Magda brings an incisive approach and won’t sugarcoat her reaction to your business but instead provides no-nonsense invaluable advice towards building your client base. I thoroughly recommend you consider working with her.


Very helpful!

Magda was very helpful and she had great ideas about little changes that will make my website better and easier to navigate.


Gained a lot of clarity

“Magda helped me gain a lot of clarity about the direction I wanted to take in my business and career.”


Let's meet for a chat!

Book your FREE 30min Clarity Session

This Session is for you if:

  • You feel overwhelmed with your own ideas and don’t know where to start;
  • You spread yourself thin across multiple online platforms and doing marketing feels like a struggle; 
  • You procrastinate and your chaotic actions do not bring any real results to your business;
  • You feel stuck, unmotivated and confused.

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